Why We Teach Peace


All adults, especially those of us who are ‘first line” educators, have a moral imperative to promote the well-being of children. While there are many divergent views as to what “well-being” may mean; I would argue that any definition of well-being presupposes conditions that do not lead to suffering. And I propose that such conditions are describable by the term “peace.” And I would argue that “peace” in all its simplicity and complexity, is a condition on which most all other positive human conditions depend. Conditions of peace lead to opportunities for human improvement; conditions of non-peace lead to opportunities for human extinction.

The state of the world is currently such that our children are at extreme risk. It is a complex set of circumstances that have led to this extreme risk situation but one thing is clear; this is a global crises. All children are at risk; all humanity is at risk. The world, as it is, is not safe for living things and among the most at risk are those least capable of protecting themselves, the children.

And this is why we teach peace…because we want our children to live in a safe world where they may truly thrive and flourish. The only safe world is a peaceful world.

Please join me. Be the peaceful educator you really are.

John McDonnell Tierney
email: drjohntierney@gmail.com

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