the educator and parent in me
       greets the educator and parent in you!

My name is Dr. John McDonnell Tierney aka. “The Peaceful Educator.” In truth, I’m working on the “peaceful” part; as to the “educator” part; I am, indeed, an educator; forty-five years in the field.

I retired recently, earlier than had been my goal, from a long college teaching career. In fact, I had anticipated teaching into my seventies and then fading away to write my books. However; the world had other plans and I found myself compelled to reach out to a much larger audience; to cry out a warning that the world, as it is and as it appears to be going, threatens the well-being of all children, the very people we as parents and teachers are dedicated to protecting. In fact, the world is in such terrible shape that the very continuance of our species hangs in the balance.

And so, for my children and grandchildren and for your children and grandchildren I have declared myself to be “The Peaceful Educator,” I invite you to do the same.

Please allow me to be your colleague and your collaborator in a mutual quest for a peaceful, just, and sustainable future for all the children. Please believe me, the need is real. If we teachers and parents do not educate for a peaceful world, who will?


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John McDonnell Tierney
“The Peaceful Educator”

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